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Sum and Substances

We inculcate our best programs to ignite their growth.

Parents seminars are held every 3 months to introduce them with well researched teaching methodologies.Teaching preschool kids need Cognitive approach many parents complain about their child not cooperating at home studies. To help parents cope up with this problem.We arrange special seminars to teach them the right approach of teaching,which includes different techniques of teaching different topics and subjects and extra worksheets and stuff been provided to the parents to take practice at home.For their holistic development we organize cultural events,outside plays,nature visit and techno zones.Yearly festivals like Ganpati festival,Dasara,Diwali is celebrated with new trends and full of zeal to relate the kids with their culture.

Our programs include skill enhancement of kids learning, listening, speaking,reading,writing and involving.And this is all done by our own research work of vital points from each Preschool study patterns.We picked each and every thing wisely for our programs to make it impact full.Self published books,well versed programs, e-learning facility to advance the old teaching ways and many more.Learning is not just books. Kids hear, see, experiment, explore and ask questions. And our aim is to implement new methodologies to help them learn from each and every aspect. We explored different preschool curriculums and took the best to fit into our basket hence our books are self-published which provides a wide horizon of study material.

When it comes to technology we want them learn all the basic strategies and be ahead of the game e-learning is their first step of being tech savvy.Our freshly launched e- learning program is all about this.

It's not an era of plane classrooms with benches. Our play zone include blocks, circles, cooking centre, sand and water games.For holistic development we take various events cultural,social and environmental.

Our mini scientists need research of new things and ideas.Different activities to relate & research is implemented to embellish their brain power.

Alphabet A will never be explained without relating it to an apple and it will be more fun if he encounters a live play on alphabets.

Teaching Seminars

Special seminars conducted every 3 months for parents.
Understanding the child's psychology is keypoint to implement right teaching methods.In school as well as at home.We arrange seminars for parents to introduce new ways of handling preschool kids and innovative teaching methods And special worksheets to give fine practice at home.

Food Plan

Studies + health = proper growth of a child.
A balanced diet plan is introduced for kids under which everyday's lunch schedule is set for them.According to which the parents are asked to prepare their lunch boxes.Whole meals,Roti,vegetables,salads,snacks day is added to the meal plan to make their food delicious and healthy.


Extra one hour time schedule to provide extra attention to children… Playgroup and nursery- 3 hours daily.
Jr kg - 4:30 hours daily.
Sr kg - 5 hours daily.

Folk Fitness

Fitness is a must for all...And for this we opt the traditional approach ...folk fitness by special fitness coach for our little champs is arranged every Wednesday.Folk dance are taught to keep them fit while enjoying.